Lil Wayne's 10 worst singing moments

by Aaron Zorgel

October 23, 2012






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Lil Wayne led a sold out crowd in a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at AT&T Park in San Francisco Sunday night, as the Giants took on the Cardinals in game six of the Major League Baseball NLCS playoff series.

It should come as no surprise that Lil Wayne takes some “creative” liberties with the old standby, wavering above and below the song’s proper melody while sporting a smile as wide as an ol’ musty baseball mitt. With auto-tune or without, Lil Wayne might be one of the most atrocious singers in music today. Despite the fact that he sounds like a mechanical goblin, Lil Wayne still uses auto-tune liberally on his tracks. Not only do we (as listeners) let him get away with it, we reward him for it. Lil Wayne’s auto-tunefully melodious hit “How To Love” peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 last year, making it his third-most successful single to date.

Lil Wayne seems to have developed an invincibility complex, a condition that we’ve seen before in Kanye West (also an auto-tune misuse pioneer). These pillars of modern hip-hop become so overconfident and propped up by their minions, that they believe that nothing is off-limits to their creative reach. In search of rock radio domination, Lil Wayne crafted Rebirth, a musical abomination that is widely considered one of the worst albums of the decade. Remember when he started playing guitar solos live in concert, even though he barely had the rudimentary skills of small child picking up a guitar for the first time? More recently, he’s vowed to become the best skateboarder in the world by March 2013. Yeah, good luck with that.

Clearly, even if Lil Wayne is terrible at something, he’s still going to do it. Here are 10 of the self-proclaimed best rapper alive’s (and AUX-proclaimed worst singer alive’s) worst singing moments, including his performance of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”

Lil Wayne – Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I would have paid good money to see the San Fransisco Giants’ mascot Lou Seal (pictured below) tackle Weezy during this singalong.

T-Pain – I Can’t Believe It feat. Lil Wayne

Most appropriate song title.

Lil Wayne – Paradice

One man’s mind-melting descent into madness is another man’s Paradice.

Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

“Prom Queen,” also known as “the exact moment everyone knew that Lil Wayne had completely lost it.”

Lil Wayne – The Price Is Wrong

Lil Wayne meets Green Day meets replacing lyrics with “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” for lack of any coherent ideas.

Gata – Just Me And Her feat. Lil Wayne

Without a doubt, the worst singing ever attempted by Lil Wayne. Skip to 0:15, and let the tuneless nonsense wash over you like an incoherent mist.

Game – My Life feat. Lil Wayne

Game’s a genius, because by letting Lil Wayne make a mess on his track, he looks like a pretty remarkable talent in comparison.

Lil Wayne – Around The Way Girl/Piano Man

Lil Wayne’s attempt at an R&B slow-jam would make anyone go soft, unless you have a very specific fetish involving melodic dissonance.

Lil Wayne – Fuck Me In The Mosh Pit

This song wasn’t even good enough to make it onto Rebirth. ‘Nuff said.

Starr – Blinded feat. Lil Wayne

This song features a sample of “Blinded By The Light,” but when Wayne comes in, you’ll be wishing you were deafened by by any means necessary.

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