25 rap lyrics that reference Instagram

by Aaron Zorgel

October 10, 2012






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It seems like just yesterday that every rapper alive was dropping Myspace references in their lyrics. But even Justin Timberlake can’t make Myspace relevant again (to be fair, he’s doing a pretty good job), so Instagram gets the nod as the go-to social media lyrical reference of the moment.

If you’ve got a social media startup, one of the best co-signs for the longevity of your new business can be found in hip-hop lyrics. Did anyone reference Live Journal or Ping? Nope. And now they’re dust. Myspace had its time in the sun, and so did Facebook, and now rappers can’t stop dropping lines about Instagram into their verses. But how long will it last?

First, you’ve gotta ask a question: why do rappers love Instagram so much? It could be argued that as a marketing tool, Instagram is well-suited to hip-hop culture. For rappers concerned with luxury and bravado, it’s difficult to project a lavish lifestyle in just 140 characters or less, so the aid of a picture goes a long way. The fact that you can also tint yourself in whatever light you want with your choice of fancy faux-vintage filter is just a bonus. People may not buy as many records as they did twenty years ago, but they’re still willing to buy into a hero character with an appealing public image. If you look at it strictly from the perspective of an entrepreneur, the more a rapper references Instagram, the more followers he or she will attract, and having more followers makes an artist more appealing for corporate endorsements and partnerships, ie. the things that will actually pay a musician’s bills in today’s music industry.

There’s also the fact that the breakthrough of any rapper in 2012 has been bolstered by a strong social media presence. Whether you look at Chief Keef’s meteoric rise via World Star Hip-Hop, or Odd Future’s masterful ascension to the throne of Tumblr-rap, the relationship between hip-hop and social media is intrinsically intertwined.

When rappers start rapping about Pinterest or Google+, and start bigging up their Klout scores, we’ll be through the looking glass on the twisted relationship between social media and hip-hop. Until then, here are twenty-five rap lyrics that reference Instagram.

DeStorm – Instagram

“Damn, somebody get the cam / Looking so good we should be on Instagram”

Stalley – Route 21

“Searching for my car keys, spilling liquor on my Barkleys / I’m mad cause I just got ’em all whites with the swish bottoms / You know those, the ones from the Instagram photos”

Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights

“With your chick in the cam, rolling through an Instagram / Got it with the grands, everybody say they dissed a fan”

Wale – I Be Puttin’ On feat. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, & Roscoe Dash

“I be cooler than a motherfucker / Wanna hit the fans, selling work on the Internet — call it Instagram” (French Montana)

Fabolous – Dope Bitch (Remix) feat. The-Dream & Pusha T

“A nigga need her in his arms, I call them dope bitches / One thousand Instagrams, that girl takes some dope pictures”

Einstein – Botany feat. Th3Nerd

“Do I give a fuck? No I don’t, bitch / Instagram a pic of your carcass”

Fat Joe – Instagram That Hoe feat. Rick Ross & Juicy J

“Instagram that jet (jet), Instagram these kicks (kicks) / Bouve on my wrist, Instagram that bitch”

Yung Jake – E.m-bed.de/d

“Whites in your theme looking vintage, mane / I’m on your iPhone, bitches got Instagram / Tryna get embedded”

Kinetics & One Love – Chris Nolan feat. Beau Young Prince & Yung Joey

“See, I know your life is pretty simple fam, under all the glitz and glam / That pic is a tinted cam, edited in Instagram”

Devin Miles – Jet Lag

“Venice beach / Instagraming my life / That shit is ever sweet / Preach”

Neef Buck – With Or Without feat. Freeway

“Social network niggas / Instagraming your clothes / I swear y’all worse than hoes”

Tef Poe – Work (Back Against the Wall)

“Might die before my time — Robert Kennedy / Billion dollar Instagram, eye upon infinity”

Nas – Daughters

“A box of condoms on her dresser then she Instagrammed it / At this point I realized I ain’t the strictest parent”

Matt McGhee – Why I Don’t Drink

“I still love you, but I could never fuckin’ let you know / You’d probably hold it against me or never listen and/or / Tell your friends and screenshot it, post it on Instagram”

Wax – Pictures of You

“You on instagram now / You have me whilin out / When you took that vacation and took the island route / Little bikini, ass cheeks sliding out”

Lloyd Banks – City of Sin feat. Young Chris

“Chillin down in Miami, bitches fuck on the yacht / You niggas stalkin’ my instagram pictures up on the block”

T-Pain – Don’t You Quit

“Put that booty on instagram / 20 more pics going insta-ham”

Rick Ross – Ashamed

“Silence, but they follow your Twitters / These the games that they play, they study your Instagram pictures”

G-Eazy – Breathe

“She could take a picture, just don’t put that shit on Instagram / Of one night stands I am a fan / All I do is wham and bam”

Future – Trending Topic

“They tell you I was a boss? / They checkin’ on my Instagram, wanna see the way I walk”

Chamillionaire – Let’s Get That

“No Demarcus, I don’t give a damn, it’s no Instagram, I’m just into Cham’!”

Game – Death Penalty feat. Eric Bellinger, Fabolous & Slim Thug

“Now pop open that ten pack / Your life savings I spent that / Niggas spamming my Instagram, begging me for they bitch back”

Jet World Order – 1st Place feat. Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Mikey Rocks

“I’m rolling up a Instagram, that’s a gram in one blunt / Twenty for the point five, it’s like a brown bag lunch higher than the top bunk”

Slaughterhouse – Truth Or Truth, Pt. 1

“To bed with thoughts of a damn killer / But rather show y’all my girl through these Instagram filters”

Supreme Regime – Quantic Blue

“Still flicking mirror pics, squint my eyes and bite my lip / Instagram that shit then I text your bitch that likes my dick”

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