25 of the worst album covers from 2012

by Aaron Zorgel

February 11, 2013






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Björk’s Biophilia took home the GRAMMY for Best Recording Package yesterday, and to give her win some context, we thought we’d revisit some of the worst album covers released last year. On first glance, Biophilia’s artwork might look like a bit of an overblown mess, but after seeing the worst of the worst, you’ll start to find the beauty in the busy, whispy weirdness of Björk’s album cover.

Here are 25 of the worst album covers released in 2012.

Serj Tankian, Harakiri

Harakiri, also known as seppuku, is a ritualistic form of suicide through disembowelment, usually reserved for samurai. In Serj Tankian’s world, it is also referred to as “death by colourful, pointy soul patch.”

Green Day, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!

Did anyone even listen to ¡Tre!? It’s mostly just fart noises, right?

Tankard, A Girl Called Cerveza

Should I have expected something more refined from a booze-themed German thrash band who have been around since 1982?

Adrenaline Mob, Omerta

Theory: one of the guys in Adrenaline Mob had their fifteen-year-old nephew download Photoshop.

“Give us something with a mob of skeletons…and the boss is holding a card…and there are sexy ladies on the card…and it’s on fire…”

[8 Minutes Later]

“How’s this?”

“Perfect. Wait, can you make the ‘i’ look like a gun?”

The Darkness, Hot Cakes

Just kidding. This is actually probably the best album cover I saw last year.

Yngwie Malmsteen, Spellbound

There is no bigger Yngwie Malmsteen fan than Yngwie Malmsteen.

Rick Ross, Black Bar Mitzvah

Really looking forward to the follow-up mixtape, Black Bris.

Trina, Back 2 Business

When you have a tribal tattoo that points directly into your butthole, SHOW IT OFF.

Lil Chuckee, Hood Guys

Easy, Lil Chuckles. Everyone knows the Chucky franchise belongs to nu-metal.

Willis Earl Beal, Acousmatic Sorcery

Psych ward fan art.

Lil Wayne, Dedication 4

Ah, the tragic clown. Lil Wayne is the Pagliacci of hip-hop, and this awful mixtape cover proves it.

B.o.B., Strange Clouds

Here, B.o.B. mimics the instinctual reaction to hearing a B.o.B. song.

Chris Brown, Fortune

Flo Rida, Wild Ones

Any time I do mushrooms, Flo Rida appears, and acts as a Great Gazoo/Kazaam hybrid that only I can see, rapping riddles at me, and radiating enchanting colour trails. He is one of my best friends, tbh.

Wiz Khalifa, O.N.I.F.C.

One Nipple, Ill-Fitting Coat.

Cee Lo Green, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment

Eww, I bet Cee Lo calls it a “Magic Moment” every time he busts a nut. He puts his weird little baby tyrannosaurus arms above his head and squeals it in a deafening falsetto.

Ke$ha, Warrior

Ke$ha asked the designer to use the same colour palette as the diarrhea she had after accidentally eating like twelve glowsticks.

John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, This Christmas


The Script, #3

No one told me the Script were parasitic triplets. Hey, I love a good gimmick.

Christina Aguilera, Lotus

Half Christ-pose, half shrug. This album cover became a Photoshop goldmine overnight.

Maroon 5, Overexposed

I would rather gargle with the colourful sludge dripping out of that thing’s mouth than spend an afternoon with Adam Levine.

Pitbull, Global Warming

I find it oddly beautiful that Pitbull chooses to associate himself with something that has the potential to be an irreversible hindrance to the continuation of the human race. It’s almost like he’s in on the joke.

Death Grips, No Love Deep Web

WHOA, that’s a penis. Sorry, I should have warned you.

Blood On The Dance Floor, Evolution

Somehow, I was more shocked by this album cover than the Death Grips one.

Spiritualized, Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Our thoughts exactly.

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