POP UNCULTURED: A roundup of weird happenings in music for the week ending September 9

by Anne T. Donahue

September 9, 2011






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Since it’s impossible to address the total madness of the music industry in only five days, Pop Uncultured saves some of the week’s strangest stories for Friday afternoon. Enjoy?

Artist Daniel Edwards can now add Amy Winehouse to his list of “terrifying fan art I’ve done” [FULL STORY]

Sorry if you’ve blocked Daniel Edwards’ tribute to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez from your memory, but REMEMBER THIS?

Well, look what the cat dragged in:

Drake is obsessed with sweaters

And can you blame him? Admitting that he owns well over 1000, Drake has alluded to an official sweater obsession, only to quickly back-peddle and claim that just because he wore a winter sweater to the MTV awards doesn’t mean he wears sweaters every day. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we’ve heard this argument before:

[via Vulture]

Wilson Phillips are getting a reality show

Set to revolve around Wilson Phillips’ “comeback efforts”, the upcoming reality series will likely depict whether they can sustain or if they’re comfortable with the pain. Letting their worries pass them by, viewers can expect to see what happens when some day somebody makes you want to turn around and say goodbye. While premiere date’s been set, the public has been urged to “Hold On.” [via Perez Hilton]

Beyonce has been accused of wearing a prosthetic baby bump

Since “top media insiders” can usually be trusted, NME reports that a source has come forward and claimed that B is only eight weeks pregnant, and that she wore a fake baby bump to make her pregnancy announcement seem more dramatic. If this is the case, Beyonce has obviously never learned the topical effects of eating a whole bag of Tostitos in one sitting.

Madonna absolutely loathes hydrangeas and doesn’t care who knows it [FULL STORY]

So earlier in the week, this happened:

And I mean, well, she obviously doesn’t. But instead of apologizing or getting her American accent back, Madonna has issued a statement stating “she is entitled to like any flower she wants,” and that she meant “no disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers.”

Paris Hilton might be making her musical comeback

Thank goodness for famous friends, because Paris Hilton is now reportedly going to team up with David Guetta to record an album and become “the most powerful house music DJ of all time.” Currently shadowing pals Deadmau5 and Afrojack, we’ve stumbled across footage of an actual DJ session:

[via NME]

New Nickelback for all! [FULL STORY]

Just in time for American Thanksgiving, Canada’s greatest export will be releasing new material that will give everyone everywhere a reason to pray around the dinner table and thank the musical gods that they aren’t tied to Nickelback by citizenship. (Help us.)

Sinead O’Connor has gone crazy on Twitter – AGAIN [FULL STORY]

Suddenly the whole SNL debacle looks like a high point because Sinead has upped the ante by giving us very vivid mental pictures of what goes down in the House of O’Connor.


Celine Dion‘s house got broken into by a bathing pastry lover [FULL STORY]

A 36-year-old man was arrested this week after he broke into Celine Dion’s home, ate a pastry and tried to draw himself a bath. Well, you know what they say about “The Power of Love.”

Not only is Soulja Boy fan fiction a thing, but it’s got a home on Tumblr [FULL STORY]

Because it’s important to do literary masterpieces justice, let’s look at an excerpt from this timeless treasure:

“Soulja Boy had to wake up early; it was his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. ‘Man dis suxx!’ He had a very boring morning of work and lectures, though he didn’t even pay attention – he just drew pictures of girls with giant asses, and thought about what it’d be like to be a big fat turkey rolling down a hill.”

And you thought the “Superman” song would eventually die.

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