20 musicians carved into jack-o'-lanterns

by Aaron Zorgel

October 29, 2013






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Jack-o’-lantern designs are getting more elaborate every year, and there’s no better way to show your friends that you have way too much time on your hands than showing off some celebrity pumpkin art on your front porch.

When taking on an ambitious project like this, it’ll go one of two ways: either you’re a skilled artisan and sculpter of squash-like fruit and you totally nail the likeness, or you’ve got a smelly indiscernable freakish mess on your hands. We scoured the ‘net for the best and worst musician jack-o’-lanterns, and our findings hit both extremes and everything in between.

Check out these celebrity pumpkin carvings below.


Lil Wayne

This jack-o’-lantern is so low-effort. The pumpkin isn’t even guzzling purple drank.


Billy Corgan

For ultimate resonance, this pumpkin must be smashed on Halloween night.


Kanye West

Does not actually have a giant beard.


Amy Winehouse

Her memory lives on…hastily carved into the side of a vegetable.


Lindsay Lohan



Bob Marley

At your Halloween party, someone will totally turn this pumpkin into a water bong.



You’d need one of those giant record-breaking 2000 pound pumpkins to accurately depict this artist just a few years older than he is on this pumpkin.


Celine Dion

If you put a weird, old, stinky rotting pumpkin beside this one, you could call it this pumpkin’s husband.


Justin Bieber

If you put this guy on your porch on All Hallow’s Eve, you might be facing legal action when a few tweens set their hair on fire trying to make out with it.


Britney Spears

There’s just some stray guts & seeds knocking around in there.


Brad Paisley

The detail work on the country singer’s immaculate goatee is a dead-giveaway.


Dave Grohl

The nicest guy in rock-n-roll also happens to be the nicest guy on a pumpkin.


Chad Kroeger

Is this a depiction of Jesus, or one of the most-hated figures in modern music? You tell me.


The Beatles

An accurate representation of the lads, if for some reason they had been beaten viciously with baseball bats.


Lady Gaga

It’s surprising that Gaga hasn’t worked pumpkins or gourds into an outfit yet.


The Edge

Might be hard to recognize this legendary guitarist when he’s not ripping solos soaked in delay. Also, when he kind of looks like a villain from Tintin.


Rob Zombie

If Halloween had an official spokesperson, this guy might be a good candidate.


Taylor Swift and Kanye West

Imma let you finish looking at this photo, and… that’s all we’ve got.


Jay Z

Your favourite rapper’s favourite hand gesture.


Michael Jackson

Look at all of these Jacko Lanterns. Take note of the especially creepy one in the bottom right corner.

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