35 amazing Nickelback fan portraits

by Josiah Hughes

January 7, 2014






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DeviantArt is an excellent place to find dedicated music fans showcasing their artistic talents as a tribute to the musicians they love. Dig around a bit, and you’ll find picturesque portraits of pop stars, badass lyric art to enhance a killer rock song, and, of course, some mild eroticism. From pencil crayon-toting pre-teens to pencil crayon-toting spinsters (along with a slew of other mediums and age groups), there are all kinds of people using the platform to share their art.

The site’s also widely accepting of fringe groups, with large representation from furries, steampunks, bronies, and Larry Stylinson shippers, among others. They’re so open-minded, in fact, that they’ve also got a massive community of real-life Nickelback fans. Here, some of the best Nickelback art we could find.



By ZsofiaGyuker

Part hair studio reference material, part mugshot, this Chad Kroeger masterpiece sees the grunty frontman stare deep into your eyes while his luscious wet-dog curls perch bouncily on his shoulders. Zsófia Gyükér, the artist responsible for this beauty, is one of the most dedicated Nickelback portraitists on the web.



By ZsofiaGyuker

Another Chadsterpiece from Gyükér. This one sees the Kroeg-man rippin’ a killer riff on his electric guitar. Just how electric is said guitar? Shit’s causing an electrical storm.



By ZsofiaGyuker

Our girl Gyükér strikes again with this refreshingly down-to-earth portrait of Chad. On the page, she mentioned it was difficult to capture his smile, but we’re finding it more difficult to not let his smile capture us — shit’s captivating.



By ZsofiaGyuker

Zsófia Gyükér’s such a huge fan of Nickelback that she doesn’t stick to mere Chad portraits (although we’re pretty sure she’s still drawing him when she draws other things). She’s also got plenty of pics of the other band members, like this killer pencil drawing of bassist Mike Kroeger killin’ it on his six-string bass (that only has four strings).



By ZsofiaGyuker

Or this one of drummer Daniel Adair, showing off his killer tribal tatties and captivating soul-patch/eyebrow ring combination.



by ZsofiaGyuker

Or this one of guitarist Ryan Peale, thinking about life under that sleek spiky hair.



by Seimanden

User Seimanden (semen den?) writes, “His face seems a little bit strange to me…something is wrong.” Don’t be silly, this is a great image that proves what we’ve always known — Chad Kroeger even looks cool when chilling in a laundromat.



by Eternal-Image

Fittingly, this ballpoint pen drawing was created by a user named Eternal-Image. Because the best art truly does live forever



by Shaytan666

User Shaytan666 offers up this hyper-realistic digital recreation of Chad Kroeger. If Chad was a playable character in an NHL game for N64, this is what he’d look like.



by moka1186

Not even technical difficulties could stop this timeless Chad Kroeger portrait to see the light of day. As user moka1186 writes, “Okay, this was a good drawing of Chad Kroeger from Nickelback (one of my favorite bands) but my cat had her way with it before I put it on the green paper. His nose is a little messed up but that’s just cuz i’m a little messed up.”



by roseuntildeath

If you’re thinking of getting a Chad Kroeger portrait tattooed onto your body, this is probably our top choice.



by Naruto-Fan1113

Here, Chad Kroeger looks like he’s trying really hard to convince his friends he’s enjoying the shitty RealD3D movie they dragged him to.



by Adder24

User Adder24 writes, “It’s the lovely long haired nickelback front man. Yes it’s chad. I feel I made chad look a little fat.” We think he looks wonderful.



by marui

Damn, Chad’s hair is all mussed like he’s just had a tussle in the sheets. That’d explain the sexy vacant stare.



by setsun

Chad looks up to the heavens, and the heavens shine down in his favour.



by twilightrose15

This one’s dedicated to the Nickelback song “Something in Your Mouth” which, according to user twilightrose15, is about toothpicks and not, like originally thought, fellatio.



by Coaldrawers

A fantastic charcoal drawing of Chad Kroeger, the saviour of rock music.



by JsunDmint

This user killed it on a detailed full-band portrait, inspired by Nickelback’s seminal Silver Side Up. Why he wasn’t approached to design the band’s future album art is beyond us.



by Agent-Eli

Rather than lazily create another uninspired Chad Kroeger portrait, this user went to the next level: Here, you get Chad Kroeger wearing The Mask, singing his Santana collaboration “Into the Night.” This belongs at MoMA.



by cantinacomics

Stare deeply into Chad’s eyes. Keep staring. Three days have now passed. It’s okay, keep staring.



by Betty-erm

Like Christian iconography that presents itself in the form of stains and potato chips, images of Chad Kroeger, too, can materialize out of nowhere. User Betty-erm says she was just trying to practise drawing faces, and this image of Chad appeared. Blessings all around us.



by kenchoy

This digital Photoshop portrait of Chad emphasizes different aspects of his face, from his piss-yellow noodle hair through his endlessly kissable lips.



by sammley
This hand-drawn portrait of Chad, on the other hand, makes it look like his entire face is made of zits.



by RachaelLampardFrance

Now we want a whole notebook with a Chad-head that animates the words “I love you” when you flip through it.



by CommyPink

Of course, it wouldn’t be DeviantArt without some My Little Pony representation. Here, Chad Kroeger’s reinvented as a spiky-haired pony, complete with a tattoo of a nickel on his upper thigh. Please, if you’re at work, resist the urge to clop.



by Redh0rse6

It’s not just ponies being reimagined as the frontman of the world’s most successful rock band, however. Here, Chad gets reinvented as a horse. Basically, if you add blonde hair and a goatee to something it becomes Chad Kroeger.



by roxy89

Try not to strain your neck too bad while you attempt to gaze into Chad’s striking blue eyes.



by Fergalamalu

Again, the lyrics to the song “Something In Your Mouth” make sense here.



by Hauntedangeleyes

Here, some Photoshop art to demonstrate the sex appeal of Nickelback’s boning anthem “Way Too Damn Good.”



by Hauntedangeleyes

Some more complex lyric art, this time for the song “Hero.”



by Ilojileen

User Ilojileen has a wealth of Nickelback pencil drawings. Here, Chad shreds through a power chord while rocking a hefty cowboy hat.



by Ilojileen

And you thought Avril was the only one who got to see Chad’s o-face.



by Ilojileen

Chad’s looking all mischievous with that sexy smile.



by Ilojileen

C’mon Chad, what are you up to? You little minx.



by Ilojileen

A more recent Ilojileen drawing, which demonstrates a serious improvement in artistic talent. But it’s still the same old Chad we know and love.

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