TOUR DIARY: Evening Hymns and the Wooden Sky in Europe - Part 3

by Nicole Villeneuve

November 12, 2012






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Evening Hymns brainchild/frontman Jonas Bonetta kept a tour diary for AUX on their Eurpoean tour with the Wooden Sky. Check out part 3 of his photos and stories below. And make sure to check out parts 1 and 2, too.

1. We played Buffalo Bar in Cardiff, Wales. Pretty cool club, and a neat city. Kip and Trout tried to put out serious tough vibes infront of this sign but the joke was on them cause I was like “what the fuck?” Skinny arms.

2. This is RoofDog. He lives on the roof of the Windmill in Brixton. We’ve played this place before. Pretty fun times. Anyways, we were happy to see that RoofDog was alive and well. I guess he jumped off the roof recently after this babe dog kept walking by and teasing him. On her second pass, RoofDog said “enough is enough” and hopped down off the roof and mounted the girl dog. He ended up impregnating her with 14 pups. Give a dog a bone.

3. This is a stupid photo I took cause I thought it looked stupid and funny. That was the name of our backline company.

4. This is outside our hotel in Preston. It was a really divey place yet revealed at least a little bit of beauty in the morning.

5. I was working sound for The Wooden Sky at this club in Manchester and took this shot from behind the board. It’s a bit blurry as I was into the cask ale.

6. After our Manchester show we went back to the promoter’s house. They live above a pub that they also own. It turned into a night of pouring pints for ourselves, playing darts, pool, and we ordered a couple wheels to eat. Totally amazing hospitality.

7. This is how I keep my pizza in check when playing darts and sipping coldies.

8. I went undefeated. This is just me bragging now.

9. Wader gives The Junction a big thumbs up! Way up! Way way up!

10. Tayyabs is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Amazing punjabi food in Whitechapel. Always super packed. Highly recommended.

11. I stopped at the Tate Modern briefly to check out this piece by Tino Sehgal the Turbine Hall.
It was really wonderful. All these people running around and then engaging the audience members. Worth checking out if you’re in London soon. Turbine Hall is such an amazing space. I could’ve hung out there all day.

12. When you cross back over the Thames you approach St. Paul’s Cathedral which is so beautiful that I always take a photo. Such a nice approach while walking over the water.

13. Here’s my touristy photo outside Westminster Abbey. I caught the performance of Evensong this night and secretly recorded it on my Zoom recorder. It was nuts. Most likely it’ll be on the next Evening Hymns record. I’ll sneak it in there somewhere.

14. Large Benjamin

15. The Eye. This blog is just my London tourist blog now.

16. Had to wake up early in the morning to hit the road and catch the tram. I was listening to The Clientele and snapped this photo as it suited the music so well.

17. I bought this jacket in Manchester and it was so musty and moldy that it was making everybody in the van sick. I was still wearing it and feeling so sick because I liked it. Anyways, it’s currently in an oxygen tank in Toronto getting aired out while I’m on tour.

18. This is the campus of the University of Glasgow. Total Dead Poet’s Society vibes going on. I think I’d actually go back to school if I could go here. It was too pretty.

19. Sylvie standing beside Hadrian’s Wall. History people! We took a nice break and wandered through some farmer fields to get there. Rainy, cliche British weather abounds!

20. In Sunderland a few of us went out to the sea. It was very windy and cold but super beauty.

21. More shots from the seaside.

22. Eddie poses for me infront of a lighthouse.

23. Our last show was in Oxford, which was so beautiful. We finished our whole tour by playing songs out in the street for the people. Some lady with dogs yelled at us for “busking” on her turf.

24. I got to sip a pint at the oldest pub in Oxford. This place ruled. Super cozy with low ceilings and amazing taps. Wished for a light snow to fall and time for a few more pints but alas… The walls were decorated with school ties from hundreds of years ago. Again, serious Dead Poet’s Society vibes.

25. We then tried some Oxford delicacies.. oh god… I’m gonna puke just thinking about it.

26. The next day our GPS was sending us mixed signals.

27. On the ferry back to Europe we bought a pint and a massage and I caught the sun going down over the Channel while I sipped my brew. Doing things right…

28. Totally stoked to have finally met Klaus.

29. Stayed up way too late in Berlin before our flight home. Loading in the morning before the airport. Still drunk. But we made it. And we’re home. And it ruled.

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