POP UNCULTURED: A roundup of weird music news for the week ending January 20

by Anne T. Donahue

January 20, 2012






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Since it’s impossible to address the total madness of the music industry in only five days, Pop Uncultured saves some of the week’s strangest stories for Friday afternoon. Enjoy?

RIP Megaupload [FULL STORY]

Despite the exciting news that Swizz Beatz was named the new CEO of Megaupload, “the man” has shut down the video site, putting an end to 72 minutes a lifetime of illegal happiness. Said every living soul in the world:

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner have NOT split up

While reports this week claimed otherwise, People confirms that Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner are still together, thus foiling Lauren Conrad yet again:

Jay-Z has not retired the word “bitch” [FULL STORY]

Jay-Z has slammed rumours that he’s retiring the word “bitch” out of respect for his daughter, with his publicist confirming to TMZ that “he never said that.”

Katy Perry has signed a deal with The Sims creators

NME reports that Katy Perry is set to appear in several games within The Sims franchise, as well as in advertorial campaigns on TV, online and in stores. Said the singer of the collaboration, “I always like to think of myself as a cartoon and now I’m a Sim.” Well that’s all well and good, Katy, but can you cover THIS?

An eight-year-old recorded a hardcore song [FULL STORY]

And here’s your weekly reminder that the youth of today will eclipse us all.

Kanye West to collaborate with Angry Birds team

According to tabloid reports, Kanye West proposed a late-night meeting with the creators of Angry Birds, where they “brainstormed ideas and talked about ways they could work together.” However, rumour has it that the meeting turned sour once Kanye came to realize he was not meeting with actual birds, and that he was just holding his phone and Tweeting into it. [via NME]

LL Cool J will host the Grammys [FULL STORY

LL Cool J will mark the Grammys’ first host in seven years, making this a “dream” for the ab-happy rapper. Whether or not he’ll end up “Doin’ It Well” is still up for debate, but we can only hope he’ll “Control Himself” if stricken with stage fright. If not, we’re sure he’ll provide viewers with some sort of filler:

Za za za za za.

Lana Del Rey appeared on SNL

And speaking of “za” (what?), to every season, turn, turn, turn:

Get it?

Kate Bush‘s stalker flew to the UK, broke into her house and proposed marriage [FULL STORY]

A 32-year-old New Yorker has been turned over to the FBI after buying a $3000 engagement ring, boarding a flight to England and breaking into Kate Bush’s hilltop mansion to propose marriage to the reclusive singer. Evidently, the following song played as he descended upon her home:

Paris Hilton to team up with LMFAO for comeback single

Pals since childhood, Paris Hilton and LMFAO have begun collaborating on the socialite’s comeback single, which she describes as a “whole new genre.” The genre in question?

[via Billboard]

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