POP UNCULTURED: A roundup of weird happenings in music for the week ending October 21

by Anne T. Donahue

October 21, 2011






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Since it’s impossible to address the total madness of the music industry in only five days, Pop Uncultured saves some of the week’s strangest stories for Friday afternoon. Enjoy?

Beyonce forces a fan to sing along to “Halo” [FULL STORY]

And there are no words. Actually.

The first Justin Bieber Christmas video has officially dropped

And you’ve been warned, and you’ll probably love it. But what we really need to ask ourselves is why Shorty thinks it’s patio weather, and why these masochists are attending an outdoor winter dance.

Jay-Z is a terrible voice actor [FULL STORY]

He’s got 99 problems, and one of them is obviously a crippling inability to read from a script without sounding abysmal.

Just wait until Baby Carter hears his stirring rendition of Goodnight Moon.

Steven Tyler has launched a fashion label

Rock! Sports! Steven Tyler! Just a handful of the words that come to mind upon learning that the Aerosmith frontman has launched a fashion line with the assistance of Andy Hilfiger who actually designed the whole thing. The good news is that Tyler’s only job is to hawk the goods for the next 12 months. The bad is that phrases like “with clothes like these, dude won’t look like a lady” will probably be used ad nauseum. [via Music-News]

Brandon Flowers is the star of a new Mormon commercial [FULL STORY]

And it sure as hell beats the other one with the old man, the jukebox and those life lessons they tricked you into learning.

Rihanna released a new video and it is YIKES

Brought to you by the letter E.

Also, plagiarism:

Will Smith becomes a minority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers

Considering it was in west Philadelphia where Will was born and raised, it makes sense that the Fresh Prince now owns a small part of the Philadelphia 76ers. Though due to the current NBA lockout, fans can likely expect the team to be chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool; perhaps shootin’ some b-ball outside of a school. Whether or not Smith plans to move the team to Bel Air remains to be seen, but so far, that “one little fight” has successfully been avoided. [via Billboard]

In case you forgot, Drake is hilarious [FULL STORY]

FINALLY, Drake’s done something to help us forget that he was once Wheelchair Jimmy.

Hole pulls out of a festival after learning they were opening for Limp Bizkit [FULL STORY]

In case you weren’t already aware, Limp Bizkit are a pretty big deal now, so it makes complete sense that Hole was slated to open for the future sitcom star and his Nookie-loving compadres. Though upon learning of the line-up, Courtney Love tweeted to festival promoter AJ Maddah, “What bloody flight of crazed fancy made you think we’d open for Limp Bizkit, dude? No offense, that’s nuts.” To which Maddah looked down, batted his eyelashes and bashfully responded, “No. You are.”

Lady Gaga sang “Bill Romance” for Bill Clinton’s birthday

B-Clin turned the big 6-5 this week, and because someone had to upstage the whole JFK/Marilyn serenade, Mama Monster tweaked the words to “Bad Romance” to make it a “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” equivalent.

Still. It’s got nothing on this:

[via NME]

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