It's the first official day of summer, celebrate with 10 ultimate summer jams

by Anne T. Donahue

June 21, 2011






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All those weeks of sun, humidity, and allergens have meant absolutely nothing, because guess what: summer begins today. So in celebration of you being cooped up at work and staring longingly out the window (or maybe longingly at the wall of the cubicle next to you), we’ve come up with a list of ultimate summer jams that don’t all abide by the “they have the word summer in them so they pass.” Call them bangers, call them anthems – just don’t call us late for BBQ dinner. We’re here all week, guys.

10. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Summertime”

It was a toss-up between this and “Miami”, but we were won over by the footage of potato salad and refreshing-looking beverages.

9. Bob Segar – “Night Moves”

As if the mental image of Julie Cooper-Nichol hooking up water polo-playing Luke doesn’t conjure up images of seaside sunsets and irresponsible sun bathing. Sweet summertime indeed.

8. Bruce Springsteen – “Born To Run”

Abandon cubicle and rush towards freedom.

Because seriously, who needs this guy?

7. Fleetwood Mac – “Go Your Own Way”

If Forrest Gump can run freely to a montage set to this “fuck yeah” jam, you can smear on some SPF and drive confidently with one arm out the window. Destination? YOUR OWN.

6. Flamingos – “I Only Have Eyes For You”

Fine, anyone can pass off a song about stars, love and all that romance-y stuff, but it’s not summertime without this:

You’re welcome.

5. LFO – “Summer Girls”

We can’t completely saturate this list with over-the-top over-romanticization, so we’re really sorry that you’re about to realize you know EVERY SINGLE WORD to this.

4. Nick Gilder – “Hot Child in the City”

Because we know that like Nick Gilder, you too will be running wild and looking pretty. Mullet optional.

3. Marvin Gaye – “Got To Give It Up”

Any party’s a waste without Mr. Gaye and his impeccable smoothness. Marvin was made for poolside dance parties.

Never forget:

2. Beach Boys – “Don’t Worry Baby”

A summer playlist is a failure without the appearance of these guys. (And a random song about surfing’s just not going to cut it.)

1. Sly and the Family Stone – “Hot Fun in the Summertime”

Well, considering Sly’s recent “drug situation,” maybe don’t have as much hot fun in the summertime. But have enough to justify wearing a shit-ton of polyester.

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