Top 10 Musicians Played by Will Ferrell

by Barry Taylor

December 16, 2010






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Will Ferrell has been popping up on a lot of music news sites and blogs across the web over the past month. It was announced that Adam Yauch recruited the funny man – along with Danny McBride, Seth Rogan, Elijah Wood and Jack Black – to appear in his upcoming Beastie Boys film Fight For Your Right Revisited. That, and his portrayal as David Bowie in the Funny or Die viral hit saw well over a million views within the first couple days of being posted. And now he’s putting out a rap album with John C. Reilly.

So it’s safe to say Will Ferrell is no stranger to the world of music. Some of his most popular characters have been based on those wacky rock and roll folk you know and love. Here’s a look at his top ten.

#10 – Whoever He’s Gonna Be in Fight For Your Right Revisited

It’s unclear what specific roll Ferrell will play in this film, but whatever he does you know it will be worth checking out. Mixing the Beastie Boys with Will Ferrell and Danny McBride is the perfect storm of comedy.

#9 – David Bowie

David. Fucking. Bowie.

# 8 – Jackie Moon

Semi-Pro is underrated. Definitely worth a watch whenever it’s on TV.

There are a couple of music connections to this film. Besides the main character being a former disco legend, one of the other main characters is played by OutKast’s Andre 3000. Neat!

#7 – Brennan Huff of Step Brothers

There’s a lot of depth to this video. If life teaches you anything, it’s that we’re all looking for a boat and/or hoe. Acquiring both at the same time can seem rewarding at first but one mustn’t spend all of ones attention on the hoes; someone’s got to steer the ship.

#6 – As Himself with Manny Pacquiao

Say what you will about Congressman Pacquiao and his policies, but one things for certain: the man can sing.

#5 – Jeff Vuvuzela

The inventor of the heavenly horn from the 2010 World Cup. His duet with Janelle Monae at this years ESPYS will go down as one of the greatest performances in the history of music.

#4 – Graham Russell of Air Supply

How did this song not make the Top 10 Thanksgiving Songs? Shoddy journalism. Ferrell is so good in this sketch he actually makes Chris Kattan seem funny.

And for the record, Air Supply are still alive. They even released a new album this past year called Mumbo Jumbo. On the bands official page Russell writes:

“Hi everyone, thank you for coming to the Song page, where you can find out what I’ve been up to apart from Air Supply, which is usually not that much.”

Gotta respect that honesty.

#3 – Gene Frenkle of Blue Oyster Cult

This sketch became so big that is has its own Wikipedia page. By comparison, the aforementioned album Mumbo Jumbo from Air Supply does not. Maybe Mumbo Jumbo needs more cowbell?!

More Cowbell! – watch more funny videos

#2 – Satan

A glorious performance that’s so good it inspired the Flatliners to write the song Fred’s Got Slacks.

Interesting side note: this exact scenario happened in real life in rural Alberta during the winter of 2001. Later that year, “How You Remind Me” hit the airwaves and Chad Kroeger’s life was never the same.

#1 – Neil Diamond

With all due respect to Ron Burgandy and Chaz Reinhold, this might be Ferrell’s funniest character of all time. Ever since this sketch aired it’s become impossible to look at Neil Diamond and not think of him getting hammered and watching barely legal porn.

“This next song I wrote after I killed a drifter to get an erection.”  Brilliant.

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