Top 10 Songs to Celebrate the Darkness

by Barry Taylor

November 17, 2010






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It’s mid-November and winter is just around the corner. While that can be great for activities like skiing and hockey, it’s safe to say that it’s crappy for every other reason, the worst of all four seasons.

Winter is cold, trees are dead, bears are hiding out, and it’s dark for the majority of the day. But there’s no point in trying to fight it. In order to make it through these trying times, one must embrace the reality. The cold isn’t going away and there’s no chance of the trees or bears coming back anytime soon, so we may as well focus on the bright side of a total lack of sunlight. Presenting…

The Top 10 Songs To Celebrate Darkness

#10 I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab For Cutie

Many consider this to be one of the sweetest love songs to come out of the past decade. It could also pass as one of the creepiest if taken out of context. Picture this guy whistling this while he tailgates you on the drive home.

#9 The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Where is Justin Hawkins now? Apparently he’s been doing a bunch of little projects including working with the guys in Steel Panther and Meat Loaf. As for his band Hot Leg, this pretty much says it all.

#8 I See a Darkness by Johnny Cash

This song is the title track from an album by Will Oldham. Johnny Cash covered the tune and included it on his American III: Solitary Man album. Oldham provided the backup vocals on the track.

#7 Dark Knight Theme Song

If you’re gonna celebrate the darkness of night you better invite the Dark Knight.

#6 The Darkness by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is the greatest song writer to ever come out of the Great White North.  Neil Young is second. Third is Bieber.

#5 March Out of the Darkness by Papa Roach

It’s tough to find a musical Top 10 list that features Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash and doesn’t include Jacoby Shaddix. They’re like the three amigos. Cohen, Cash and Shaddix.

#4 In The Dark by Tiesto

In 2007 this song found huge success in Europe reaching #2 on both the Netherlands and Finland Singles Chart. In Germany and Belgium it hit #14 and #27.

#3 When the Sun Goes Down by the Arctic Monkeys

Other than vampires, there’s no one that enjoys this time of year more than Johns. The earlier the sun goes down, the sooner the ladies come out. Hmmm… vampires and prostitutes are out earlier? Guess there’s a lot of sucking going on! BOOYA!

#2 Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen

This is such a great song but it’s tough to not immediately think of Courtney Cox once it comes on. You gotta love seeing Monica Gellar in a mom-haircut though.

#1 Any Song from the Prince of Darkness

Check out this video of Ozzy singing Crazy Train. It’s like he’s literally riding a train of craziness.

When the song starts out he’s smiling and having a good time, but by the time the second chorus rolls around shit gets real. His smiles are replaced with teeth grinding and what appears to be fear. You gotta assume he’s on some amazing drugs. That would explain the shirt tassels.

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