The Milkmen Cometh 17 - Pseudo Love Wave

by Blake

July 21, 2010






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Each week the Milkmen of in partnership with will bring you – the thirsty masses – a tall bottle of what is boiling over in the music scene. We’re tipping cows and movin’ crowds as we trudge from a top of the mountain of bangers to bring these chosen 10. Go now and spread the good word of milk – This isn’t a sundae, this is a testament.

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in Toronto you’ve no doubt been experiencing the awesome heat wave that we’ve been rolling with for a couple of weeks now. I managed to get out to a cottage so – I’m relaxed. So relaxed in fact that this weeks MMC came out to be more of a summer lovin’ synthpop disco love-tug then a hard hitting electro banger. Maybe it’s just because GRUM is coming into town in a couple of days (and is giving away tickets) and I want to be in the right mindset – or maybe its because I’m just plain happy these days – only time will tell.

More to the point, this delivery comes with plenty of strong-synth high hitting pop goodness which include the likes of Moulinex, The Golden Filter, YATDCC Remix (aka Yet Another Two Door Cinema Remix) and of course The Poindexter.

Be sure to listen to that first Uffie remix that anyone really liked by Carte Blanche and then some local talent in Woodhands + Diamond Rings remix.

p.s – Yes, Don Diablo + Diplo + Valerna = A great banging chaser for those who want to get some aggro out of this week 😉

[audio:|titles=ADD SUV (CARTE BLANCHE HMV APC BTW mix)]


[audio:|titles=Disco-Tec (Moulinex Remix)]

Disco-Tec (Moulinex Remix)

[audio:|titles=Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)]

Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)

[audio:|titles=Intergalactic (Alice And The Serial Numbers Remix)]

Intergalactic (Alice And The Serial Numbers Remix)

[audio:|titles=Living in America (The Poindexter Remix)]

Living in America (The Poindexter Remix)

[audio:|titles=Make You Pop (Don Diablo Dubstep Mix)]

Make You Pop (Don Diablo Dubstep Mix)

[audio:|titles=Moving in Stereo (Valerna Remix)]

Moving in Stereo (Valerna Remix)

[audio:|titles=Pockets (Diamond Rings Mix)]

Pockets (Diamond Rings Mix)

[audio:|titles=Psychic Chasms (Apache Beat Remix)]

Psychic Chasms (Apache Beat Remix)

[audio:|titles=What You Know (SposhRock Remix)]

What You Know (SposhRock Remix)

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